Running into friends!

Both Mattias and I had a day off yesterday, it was a very relaxing day. Of course, we decided to go to a golfcourse...Torekov, for lunch. After lunch we ran into some friends of ours, Lynn and Pia. They are here for the summer recharching the batteries so they are ready for a new season in Scottsdale, Arizona. Perhaps you have heard of Vision54 ? Well, they are amazing people who have done amazing things for the game of golf as well as other peoples lives, including mine. If you are thinking of going on a golf trip that also includes some fantastic golf instruction, you should pay the a…
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Day off tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be my first day the last three weeks with absolutely nothing planned. I have been a bit tired and rest is well needed. The day will consist of long walk with my dog followed by some coffee and relaxtime with a book. I used to read A LOT, that was in all honesty pre-smartphone-era. As much as I love the internet and how much of my life that is easier because of it, I do have less time for just being. It is like I am always doing something and seldom bored. It might sound crazy but I think it is healthy to be bored every now and…
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Ladies European Masters t13

I just got back from last weeks tournament and finally all the work I put in since my comback are starting to show. The putts are rolling better, the approach shots are closer to the flag and I am overall more confident in my game. There were some changes amde in my practice regimen a few weeks ago and it is already showing result. The biggest change was to add some more basic drills such as more aiming on the greens, and also working the ball more with trajectory changes. Slowly but surely I am getting back to the fantastic game I had in 2008 when I played my best…
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The best birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was wonderful. Since it was tournament week and a Wednesday, there was a Pro-Am. I was lucky enough to be in the morning Pro-Am which was a shotgun at 8am. It was an early morning for Mattias to serve me breakfast in bed (I had helped organise the coffe maker so he only had to push the button...*smiley*). The day then continued with a surprise visit from my love Mattias who brought our beloved four-legged friend Jessie onto the course! When we are away travelling or have a tournament there is a family not far from where we live who takes care of her for…
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Playing against the men

This past week was loads of fun. My friend and colleague Linda Wessberg and I played an alternate shot tournament at my home club of RYA golf club. OMEGAslaget is a tournament that has been going on for 47 years now. Some really good players like Henrik Stenson and Thomas Bjorn has played in it before. Since there is no ladies field Linda and I played against the men from the mens' back tees. Luckily the course is not very long, around 6600 yards par 71. Out of 70 teams we finished 14th! We are happy with our finish. We were about 50-70 yards behind the men on every teeshot...so…
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